Species: Phocoena sinus

Dimensions: 1,5 m (Length) x 50 kg

Vaquita is the world’s rarest marine mammal and it is considered to be on the edge of extinction. As of 2021, WWF believes there are only 10-12 individuals left, all located in a small area of the Cortez Sea between California and Mexico. This little porpoise was discovered only in 1958 and its population has dropped drastically in the last decades due to bycatch.

Vaquitas can be distinguished by a ring around their eyes and dark patches on their lips that make them look as if they are smiling. It is the world’s smallest cetacean, weighing around 55 kilos and it is 1.5 meters long. Just like other porpoises, they use sonar to communicate and navigate. In LoA, vaquitas are the rarest animal of all: an incredible opportunity for collectors from every part of the world.