Species: Hypsibius dujardini

Dimensions: from 0.3 mm to 1 mm

Tardigrade is a real superhero among every living being. As small as indestructible, tardigrade can resist in extreme environments. They don’t die if they breathe toxic gas nor if they are hit by radiation. They don’t die even if they are exposed to very hot or very cold temperatures. As a matter of fact, tardigrades can even survive to an asteroid or to any kind of apocalypse!

What makes the tardigrade so resistant? There are many secrets, but mainly it’s all about their DNA. In fact, tardigrades can absorb DNA “skills” from other organisms and learn their abilities in order to survive in harsh conditions. 

When they face prohibitive conditions, tardigrades can hibernate themselves for decades in order to reduce vital functions to a minimum. 

In LoA you can find a thousand species, all defined by unique offensive and defensive characteristics to surprise their opponents.