Here is a list of the FAQ. This page will be constantly updated based on community doubts.

Join us on Discord group if you have any question and feel free to ask whatever you want.

Legion of Animals, shortly called LoA, is a hand-drawn collection of 3162 NFT whit the aim to become a Play&Earn card game.

Solana is a high-performance decentralized blockchain whit a native token called SOL.

Legion of Animals has been created on that blockchain due to founder’s believe on its current and potential future growth.

Because of that, in order to mint or buy LoA’s NFTs you need to own SOL on your wallet.

The NFT’s public sale starts on June 5 on our official mint website: https://mint.legionofanimals.com

In its first phase, Legion of Animals’s NFTs can only be bought by minting them.

Visit our official mint website and get your own LoA’s NFT.

When the collection will be completely sold, then Legion of Animals will be listed on secondary marketplace.

While mint is live, all NFTs have the same price for everyone.

The mint price is 1 SOL until June 30 then will raise to 2 SOL

The reason to own a LoA’s NFT are several:

  • Early access: owning a NFT automatically grant a WL spot for the early access to the game, which means more possibilities to win rewards (NFT and/or SOL) before the public can access.
  • Game advantages: NFTs are the strongest cards in the future Play2Earn game.
  • Investment: if the project has success, your NFT will increase of value.
  • Access to giveaways: LoA’s owners will have granted access to future giveaways inside the game.
  • Voting power: Take part of some of the important decision about LoA future.

This is one of the most important part of our collection!

When you get an NFT, you shouldn’t just look at its beauty or rarity. Each attribute is an added value… or sometimes a malus!

The animal represented assumes basic stats and the attributes can modify them adding bonuses or maluses. A full list of them will be released just before the game launch.

Legion of Animals will be a blockchain game where NFT are the cards used to play… and earn!

It will be accessible from everybody, also not payable users, thanks to common (non-NFT) cards that will be distributed to all new player and as basic rewards.

At its first version, players will challenge each other in 3v3 battles to get an higher score in the weekly ranking. Each week new rewards will be distributed to all the participants. Higher ranking grants better rewards, but everyone will receive something.

More details will be revealed soon… stay tuned!