About Us

Legion of Animals (LoA) is a collection composed of 3162 NFT generated with a homemade software which combined all the hand-drawn components.

Accordingly to our roadmap, LoA will be more than a common NFT collection: it will be a card game!

Because of that our team is composed of different kind of highly specialized professionals:


Co-Founder – Mobile and blockchain developer

My passion for software development was born in high school. It was like love at first sight. Since that moment it was clear to me which university path I would choose… aside of the Sith way!

I graduated in computer engineering and I have been working in mobile development for several years. I have worked for small businesses and for multinationals.

I have entered into the blockchain world, both as an investor and as a developer. Now with Legion of Animals I want to use all the experience that I have acquired to create a play-to-earn game that lives up to your expectations.


Co-Founder – Social media manager

Since I was a child I’ve been a fan of cars, sports and every hi-tech thing in the world, from PCs to video games. I graduated in Business Communication and I work as social media manager with many top Italian companies. 

My experience in the field of marketing allows me to create editorials plans and customized communication plans to maximize the impact of a new product. This is especially true in the case of Legion of Animals project. I think that this project offers a unique view to a very important and actual topic, that is endangered animals. 

However, the most important aspect of our communication will be our fans community. Only thanks to them and to their passionate contribution, our collection and our idea can continue to grow.


Co-Founder – Senior cybersecurity engineer and blockchain developer

I graduated in computer engineering and I have been working as a software engineer for several years. I worked on several projects but always with a strong dedication to cybersecurity.

So, I joined the LoA’s team to provide the skills acquired and discover this new reality guaranteeing maximum protection to our community.


Artist and illustrator

Since I can remember, I always have been drawing. Doesn’t matter if lobster’s claws are not made to hold a pencil, I never cared and kept doing my thing: art!

At the beginning the results were not that good, but after graduating from a science institute I joined a 3 years elite art school course to get solid drawing and storytelling fundamentals, then I started chasing a career in the comic book industry.
I’ve been very lucky and joined many projects: both with crowdfunding and working with major publishers I gained a lot of experience and I’m always looking for new fresh and innovative projects!

My friends KobraStyle and Darth knew it of course, so they invited me to join the team to work on the visuals of this project. Plus they assured me lobsters were NOT in any of these endangered species’ menu, so I’m fine with it!


Senior game developer

I’m a huge fan of Star Trek (DarthLoA hates me for it) and super passionate about video games. How could I not study to become a developer of this sector?

For the first few years I dealt with the more classic web development but my colleagues immediately saw another role in me: the bugs finder. Hence my nickname.

After that first experience I officially began with the development of web games and now I want to contribute to the development of Legion of Animals’s game.


Financial advisor

I’m graduated from Bocconi in Milan. I worked for years in the banking and financial sector. Inside that environment, I realized that the system needed to be revolutionized and that is why I started working on various blockchain projects.

My contribution will certainly be more marginal than that of the rest of the team but I’m sure I can guide them to build a financially sustainable product, with specific attention to the community.

* WARNING: team’s personal images are not part of the collection. Each one has been handle created following team member desires.